Apple finally learned the problem of charging some of the tablet-the iPad Pro 2018 curved customers

iPad Pro 2018

Lately, there have been reports about how to recharge Apple tablet, the iPad Pro 2018 which is curved to the customer. But instead of providing a solution promising, I told Apple some sites like The Verge that this curvature is ” normal ” and not considered a bug, and it won’t get worse over time and will not affect the performance of the tablet.

That may be true, but if I bought a bend, doesn’t that sound like a problem? Well, I’ve decided Apple is now responding to those reports, at least officially. In an email obtained by the one read website 9to5Mac, and they show the newly differentiated between a customer and vice president of hardware division at Apple, Mr. Dan Riccio who insisted that your iPad Pro 2018 meets or exceeds all the standards of Apple’s quality, both in terms of design or manufacturing. Moreover, it was explained that the geometry of this device is the new tablet with great care.

Mr. Dan Riccio also mentioned that the iPad Pro 2018 became thinner than previous generations, as he explained that the original report did not include a statement of the company, which is planning for release to the media later this week. We are not sure what can be for Apple to say teen customers, but until now there were some customers who were able to restart their devices affected the company and get new ones.


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