Apple fix the problem of privacy in Group FaceTime, but errors still exist


Two weeks ago, it was discovered that feature video chats collective Group FaceTime in Apple devices suffer from a glitch allowed users to listen to other users even though they didn’t answer the call. Since then, Apple has launched an update to iOS fixes this bug, but unfortunately for users of FaceTime, it appears that this feature is still experiencing some problems.

According to a new report released recently from the site MacRumors, it appears that many users are they in the middle of this recent discussion of a bug that prevents them from adding more users to the conversations of FaceTime. When trying to do so, they discover that the button ” add a person ” appears in gray. That means that if you are trying to start a group conversation a Group FaceTime, you’ll need to start the call with all the people who want to participate in the conversation, rather than the ability to add them later.

Ever buy a Apple TV that the disable Group FaceTime in the time that she was trying to work on reform of the privacy problem, but it seems that even though it was fixed back, the Property Group FaceTime is no longer to their previous state. Tell Apple they are aware of the problem and they not sure when it will be fixed.

Anyway, as we said earlier, the workaround is that you will need to make sure to add all persons who you want them in the conversation since the beginning, but we hope to be providing a fix for this bug in the near future.


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