Apple has a chance to build a social network trust

There is no doubt that privacy concerns because of what happens between now and then breakthroughs for the more social networks the current prevalent such as Facebook and WhatsApp, it gives Apple the chance to create a social network welcome to reliable. Do you think Apple in something like that? And who transports it to undertake the construction of a new social platform be?

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All the ingredients are present

Enjoy your Apple all the ingredients necessary to create a social network, such as: platform, and customers are confident in them, and a variety of media services that would benefit significantly from such means of social media. We find that the Apple TV has its promising services such as: Apple News, and Apple TV, and Apple’s music services, and even games Apple Arcade.

So, enjoy your Apple TV its own servers contain a wide range of media such as pictures and videos taken by the users of iPhone across the planet. This in a nutshell is all the content shareable which is kept securely within the company’s garden surveys, which would be to save everything you do in the privacy of activated. So why shouldn’t Apple set up a social network of its own to provide a safe distance to watch the content?

There is no lever to that idea

Due to the interesting topic of privacy enjoyed by Apple, it is seldom you find someone rejects that idea. This is the need to link the beauty of the Apple with. It seems clear that everyone understands the damage caused by social media current.

Tim Cook said in the conference of plenipotentiaries of the privacy of the Europeans in 2018, “the platforms and algorithms that promise to improve our lives, can go out or swell the worst in human nature, has received the crooks and even the governments of the confidence of the user to deepen the divisions and incitement to violence, so they worked to undermine our sense of what is true and what is false. This is a real crisis, not something specialized or exaggerated”.

Just last month, the company teamed up Apple TV with independent programs to sensitize people to what is happening in the media provided non-profit initiative under the name of “media literacy” in Europe and the United States, such as teach them how to distinguish between true news and false news. It seems that Apple has a plan full counter news counterfeit and decrypt the media that we are dealing with better, which makes the reader more intelligent.

And it was Tim Cook is active in a bill of digital rights, be sure that the debate about privacy online move to the public discourse of the central. It has become people are already more aware of the importance of privacy and the need for Responsibility online. And for this ample opportunity to have Apple TV.

A place for friends

What we share on social media? Of course everyone knows the answer, participates most of the people video clips and photos, music, Articles, News reports and personal messages within the circles of their own friendship.

And social networks we have in common that ads collect and analyze our data to build insights and elaborate on the needs of the users, and sell those visions after that to advertisers in the form of customers shop the Iraqis targeted. This is the case of most social networks today, you are a product for those. Knowing that there are social networks not driven by earnings announcements, such as MeWe. But this few and on the fingers.

What if I create a Apple TV network own? So how will be the mechanism of its action?

Known about the Apple quality of their product outcome and its applications. If you create the Apple TV its own network, surely will be something different and fun. Anyone can join using an account with Apple’s own.

Also, it can offer Apple’s tools, privacy, clear and comprehensive for users, for example we’ll find Restrictions and limits for everything such as feature limits the application and content restrictions, and privacy in iOS. We’ll see what it is matched in the network the Apple TV such as “the limits of the publications,” this means determining the time of the publications, so like for a certain period instead of the remaining length of time.

You can provide Apple another useful feature, such as the distinction between work contacts, personal contacts. Or in other words, the distinction between the work environment and others.

There is no doubt that Apple will make privacy settings easy like those we find on the iOS system.

And when we are inside the network, we can access to the services of the Apple TV for a fee, and can share copyrighted materials with others for a small fee also.

Maybe we can watch our favorite quality full on pages of our social, posting clips of the games in the Apple area, as well as watch TV programs online with others and more.

And all of this will be completely free of adverts, and no cookies or data collection, without intermediaries data is questionable, and without control over the data that they collect and trade them secret.

Will the financing of such service partially offset by revenues of iCloud current, will help support also, subscriptions to services of various Apple. Be that as it will help maintain sales of the company’s various products. Unlike what happens in Google you will not be in any case a forum where companies of all kinds and species.

Given that customers of Apple’s current use of different social networks, we believe that the service may be very famous and welcome.

What do you think about the composition of private social network Apple is? And do you welcome this idea? Tell us in the comments.



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