Apple has a confidential annex to test the components of the iPhone under pressure

Includes the concentration of Apple to protect the privacy of its customers, in a huge room near the headquarters of its new Apple Park, there are advanced machines very work on the heating of the processors and internal components, and misuse as part of a series of tests severe to ensure resilience in the event of attack.

Apple choose know treatments to severe at high temperatures, the objective of this test is to see if the processors will come in this kind of scenarios, it does so in laboratories instead of within the users ‘ phone.

It may seem unlikely that with respect to any regular phone for this type of very high temperatures that reach 40 degrees Celsius, says the report of the newspaper The Independent to worry if you find that the products are not safe under this kind of pressure, allowing for a disruptive exploit this in different ways which expose the users privacy to danger.

The battle to protect privacy locked by the company on many fronts, including governments that want to access the users ‘ personal data, hackers who are trying to hack into the hardware to spy or blackmail, in addition to other companies that attacked the policies of strict privacy for the Apple TV, and the company says that this knowledge is necessary, arguing that privacy is a human right and should be supported even in the face of monetary difficulties severe.

Source: independent

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