Apple has a new tool to detect counterfeit parts in the iPhone

The staff of the Genius Bar or authorized Apple service centers can in a matter of minutes to reveal that the iPhone or iPad been repaired using non-certified components, MacRumors has learned. To do this engineers have developed a dedicated accessory conducting diagnostics on the hardware components of the device for the presence of counterfeit parts. In the case of those seeking consumer is likely to be denied the right to replace a damaged unit for a new one.

A new validation method called Zombie Check. It provides for the connection of a smartphone or tablet to the computer via a dual cable, one part of which is attached an additional unit, similar to an adapter for a memory card reader. After that, the computer running macOS 10.8.5 and newer runs a dedicated application to scan. Thus, the system checks the serial numbers of all components, regardless of degree of damage to the machine.

How to know that the iPhone repaired with fake parts

Earlier to verify devices on the subject of counterfeit parts Apple used only the software that is required that your smartphone or tablet was in the on state. But crooks, seeking to get a new device in exchange for those in which, independently replaced valuable components like processors and blocks of flash memory counterfeit, intentionally disabling them, not to give place to the diagnosis.

Apple strongly inhibits the repair of branded equipment by unauthorized workshops. To protect its customers from installing counterfeit scanners Touch ID or displays, the company is just beginning to lock their device, hoping that it will encourage users to contact licensed experts. In addition, recently it became known that Apple decided to introduce the rule of compulsory calibration new MacBook Pro and iMac Pro after rendering any services.

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