Apple has a technology may hinder the reader insight for iPhone

Designed for iPhone X provide parties to a phone interface as much as possible, which has led to invent a camera TrueDepth to assess face recognition, three-dimensional, forcing police to use a piece off the excess screen, but Apple recently submitted a patent for a new system may providing screen phones iPhone reader fingerprint inside the screen, by using modern technology.

Apple patents a new method to scan fingerprints using in-display technology

Show the document that the Patent Office U.S. post them to a technical reader insight not rely on visual scanning, such as some Chinese phones, or technology of ultrasound most accurate and as expected to see her mess S10, but skip the Apple TV instead for the use of sensor galvanic isolation with several sensors other overlapping Add to the sensor scanning at least one, which is what allows Apple TV access to read the fingerprint in three dimensions, has the company using a number of cameras to the bottom of the screen to capture the structure of the footprint of the three dimensions.

This is expected to come to all iPhones 2018 with a camera TrueDepth and facial recognition technology, but is unlikely to see the technology before 2020.

Source: PatentlyApple

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