Apple has again started to listen to your conversations with Siri. How to disable

To admit their mistakes, especially under the weight of public opinion, quite difficult, even if you are a large international Corporation. So when Apple was accused of recording user conversations with Siri, and their subsequent decoding, the company had no choice but to admit and to suspend the practice, despite the fact that in Cupertino are even put in the user agreement relevant paragraph. But since it is to abandon effective learning opportunities voice assistant would be silly, Apple has again started to record its users.

Apple has resumed the wiretapping users through Siri. But it is for your own good

According to Associated Press, Apple re-launched the program of improving Siri, based on interpretation of words and expressions of users that voice assistant does not understand the initial appeal. This happened immediately after the release of iOS 13.2. In Cupertino found that once their clients are now able to decide for themselves whether they want to be recorded or not, and forcibly remove the recorded data from Apple servers, there will be nothing wrong with that, and start again to wiretap.

Apple listens to us through Siri

Of course, the wire is not on a permanent basis. Apple made the necessary adjustments to the algorithms of Siri, that assistant could not be activated without the proper user’s command and did not include the record if his interlocutor does not know and is not ready for it. And after all that was the main reason why the company had to temporarily suspend the program of the improvement of Siri. In the end, who would like that his record secret from him. Now this is not a problem, say in Cupertino.

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Human rights activists believe that the recording of conversations of users and passing them on to the transcript, Apple risks the safety of its customers. The fact that there is no guarantee that the language expert, to decrypt a record, you will not have access to confidential information like the user’s personal data, addresses, payment information, etc. Because if the record is transferred from the specific account Apple ID, so theoretically there is the probability-matching account and its owner, as many do not even think.

How to prevent wiretapping Siri and delete your conversations

If you are afraid that Apple might hear something wrong in the process of deciphering your conversations with Siri, you can always disable the recording and transmission of their conversations.

  • Go to “Settings” and open the “Privacy”;
  • Scroll down the list of available settings and select “Analytics and improvement”;

13.2 iOS allows you to disable the recording of your conversations with Siri

  • Disable the option “Improve Siri and Dictation”;
  • Go to “Settings” and navigate to “Google maps Search”;
  • Open “History of Siri and Dictation”;

If necessary, you can always delete your conversations with Siri, but not all

  • Select “Delete history Siri and Dictation”.

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An important clarification. Description of the tool delete the history of calls to Siri from Apple servers States that removed only those data that are associated with your device. And those that the company chose to improve the quality of the voice assistant and dehumanized them, and will remain on the servers, and therefore, will be used by language experts to decipher and learning Siri. Most likely, we are talking about the data that Apple has collected before I added the removal tool dialogs in iOS 13.2. And this data is deleted at your request, will be impossible.

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