Apple has attracted city of the fifth generation of the Department phones in Intel by weeks of shopping a snap with Qualcomm

آبل استقطبت مدير الجيل الخامس لقسم الهواتف في إنتل قبل أسابيع من التسوية المفاجئة مع كوالكوم

Maybe a lot of traders think the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm sudden and what was visible of where the intensification of the pace of litigation mutual statements the accompanying between the parties recently; which was a by to the effect that registration far-fetched, but it was announced after Intel stopped work on the modem fifth generation of smart phones to reveal following this announcement some of the details came on her head said the report that the Telegraph is a fingernail Apple, manager, modem fifth generation of smart phones in Intel Umashankar Thyagarajan in February, Where I think it of the main reasons for the company’s decision to stop support of the plans of the fifth generation phones next to what is revealed by Intel earlier.

The report stated that Thyagarajan he was responsible for CHIP fifth-generation XMM 8160 which was supposed to support the iPhone 5G LOL the last settlement, while he himself is the main player in the establishment of modem Intel the user is currently in the iPhone Xs and XR, and is moving to Apple a secret you belong to on LinkedIn shows his move to work for Apple last February, but without description of the specific function.

For her part, didn’t know Apple on the report of the Telegraph as well as Intel, but in all case, it was not hidden from everyone that Apple is working on producing a chip of its own, it has many steps throughout the past few months both hiring competencies and experience, or even advertise jobs in the geographical areas follow the competitors, which included San Diego is the stronghold of Qualcomm.

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