Apple has become closer to the title of the first company worth $ 1 trillion

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Approaching the Apple steady steps to become the first company in the world has a market capitalization of $ 1 trillion, which is the title of Ramsey’s shows the extent to which technology companies have become a Christian on the US stock market, as the value of manufacturer iPhone yesterday, Friday, more than $ 940 million, so that separates it is less than $ 60 million to reach a figure which has not been achieved by any other company in the world.

It should be said that the Apple company is not the only technology that is approaching the number one trillion dollars, approaching the e-commerce company Amazon of this figure with the parking currently on the threshold of $ 820 million, but is Apple currently in the lead, confirmed that the famous investor in the technology of Warren Buffett Warren Buffett putting his stamp on the company, where he bought 75 million shares and infusion of factor confidence new in the technology giant.

Some were concerned when Steve Jobs died Steve Jobs in 2011, that the company may encounter significant problems in terms of continuity in the market, but under his successor, Tim Cook Tim Cook, Apple increased its value by three times their value, then amounting to more than $ 300 million.

It should be noted that the technology giant may not be the first company to bear the title of a trillion dollars, where you may swim by the Saudi Aramco oil producers, which have been valued at $ 2 trillion when converted to a public company over the next year.

Show in current time many questions about whether technology companies can take on the value of the trailing within the US stock indexes, where the value of the giant technology companies of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft with a nearly $ 4 trillion, during the past six weeks has added more than $ 300 million to the value of the group.

And the shares of technology companies currently account for 26 percent of the total stock index S&P 500, and for some, the dominance of technology companies on the stock markets may hinder memories about what happened previously when the collapse of the Internet market in 2002, but this may not be a current source of concern on Wall Street, where be seen heavily to the technology giants that they are companies with a relative value, and that the concepts of the technology has changed from the previous.

Explained Scott Kessler, Scott Kessler Foundation CFRA Research that his company has recommendations for the purchase of all technology giants, including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft, where he said “people see the performance of the technology sector, it is difficult sometimes to feel comfortable with assessment data Amazon and Netflix, but the short answer is that we are not concerned, we see strong fundamentals and growth of the level of benefits related to tax reform and the persistence of performance”.

Says Daniel Ives. Daniel Ives, head of research technology in the GBH Insights “the No. million to buy the Apple TV is only important when you look at the technology and broader, so that the concern about the increased value of the shares of technology companies in the market is actually a problem in the definition, because the technology is what is required by consumers”.

“We’re talking about the basics of market dynamics that transfer technology to the forefront, where it supports the basics of the roof of a market worth one trillion dollars, and there is not any type of bubbles, they started Apple in getting its assessment on the basis of the IT services company software, this refers to the new age technology stocks”.

And Tim Cook has noted that the first three months of 2018 was the best quarter ever for the services, despite sluggish growth in the field of smart phones, sales rose Apple by 16 percent during the first three months of 2018, and its shares rose more than 13 percent during this year, in order to link the Apple TV to the market value of 1 trillion dollars, should rise by 6 percent additional to 202.30 $ per share.

Tim Cook said “we achieved record profit through the App Store and the Apple Music and iCloud and Apple Pay, this is a powerful example of the importance of our base of active pumping of devices and mandate the participation of our customers, adds Eric Ross Eric Ross of company Cascend securities: “several years ago, we were practicing the shares of Apple as a company manufacturing devices for iPhone and some other things only, and what’s happening now is that Apple has its user base is enormous for the iPhone and their other products, which make them able to move from a company manufacturing devices for iPhone to the manufacturer for an ecological integrated”.

It should be noted that Apple does not encounter the problems faced by the companies, facebook and Google, where consumers Complain government officials in their commitment to privacy and the real cost of the free services that are funded through advertising, and unlike its competitors has managed Apple during the last weeks of the advantage of their approach which is data privacy for its users, WHERE Tim Cook said he believes that privacy is a fundamental right and essential of human rights, with the warning that processes the tracking data for the users has become out of control.

Apple has become closer to the title of the first company worth $ 1 trillion

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