Apple has begun quietly to change green after the updates screens iPhone

New versions of iOS bring not only joy, but also often the cause of problems manifesting in their devices. Most often suffers autonomy, sometimes there are interruptions in the operation interface, and very rarely a hardware problem. Some go down a microphone, others begin to rattle speakers, and the third is green screen. In fact, nothing in it, no marriage can occur at any time. Another thing is that Apple itself is often unaware of the cause of the problem, and therefore prefers not to hurry with the startup repair program, taking customers one at a time.

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A couple of weeks ago, we told you that the upgrade to iOS 13.5 provoked a failure, which screens some iPhone suddenly turned green. Initially it was assumed that the problem affects only the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, however, as it turned out, she also faced iPhone X, XS and XS Max. But not even that interesting, and the fact that some users have reported that they had noticed the bug before upgrading to iOS 13.5. This directly indicates that the problem is software, namely, hardware and involves a marriage of iron.

Green screen iPhone

On the left screen without the bug, right — with a bug

Signs indicating that green screen is a hardware failure and not a software bug:

  • The problem affects only the iPhone with AMOLED screens;
  • Problem began to manifest selectively in may of this year;
  • If you take a screenshot of the green screen, there will be no hint of green;
  • Apple has already begun to selectively change the screens on smartphones affected users.

Among our readers, too, have been affected by this problem. So, if you want to talk with them, join our Telegram chat.

Despite the fact that since the first complaints greening the screen was not so much time, Apple has changed a few screens on problem iPhone. This is reported by users of the MacRumors forum, portal, Reddit and Twitter. Such a little while – we managed to count only four. However, it is possible that in reality the return was or at least could be much more, given that some do not write reviews in principle, while others, most likely, not even addressed to the service centers because they considered the problem of software and decided to wait for the next update.

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However, as reported by users who installed the beta version of iOS 13.6, no corrections in their iPhone it to no avail. Displays were green, and remains that, in turn, indirectly confirmed the fact of hardware failure. Another thing is that to occur by itself, it could not, because to notice it began plus-minus at one time. Then, failure was something called. The option is actually just two: iOS iOS 13.4 and 13.5. But why, in that case, some of the screen started to turn green after the April update, and others – after may? The answer to this question we have to.

How to take iPhone for repair

Perhaps the best option is to refer the troubled iPhone to a service center

If you encounter the described problem, we recommend you not to wait for the next update, especially since it likely won’t fix anything, and contact the service center. However, before doing this we strongly recommend to prepare:

  • Follow this link and sign up for a session in SC or get in touch with him;
  • Save a backup copy of your iPhone;
  • Prepare the password of the account Apple ID (you may be asked to delete all data and disable the function “Find iPhone”);
  • If you need proof of purchase, take your receipt or Bank statement;
  • Take ID such as a driving licence or passport.

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Be prepared for the fact that you have to leave the iPhone in the workshop for up to 45 days. So much, according to the law, the manufacturer can eliminate the disadvantages of technically sophisticated products. However, there is no guarantee that you will even offer a replacement, given the open question about the reasons for failure revealed. On the other hand, if the replacement will not be offered, you will at least get the answer to the question, what happened to the display of your iPhone and how to fix it. After all, without the help of the one with the problem will not leave.

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