Apple has closed access to its online store with old versions of OS X

Apple is very kind to update their devices. To avoid fragmentation, in Cupertino at the same time update all your iPhone, iPad and Mac without delaying the release of updates for older models, as do the competitors. Of course, not all users dream about updates, preferring to remain on older builds of the OS, to avoid various bugs and flaws that still can not avoid. This leads to increased fragmentation, which Apple tries to prevent by all means.

To force users not to neglect the updates, Apple has decided to ban the owners of devices based on older versions of OS access to a brand online store. The new requirement applies to all Macs running OS X 10.10.5 below with Safari 10.1.2 below. When you try to log on the shopping subdomain on the website they will get an error with recommendation to contact the hotline of the online store and place your order over the phone.

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Fortunately, to circumvent this limitation is still possible. If you are using an outdated build of OS X, it suffices to use any third party browser. For them, Apple somehow makes an exception and allows you to place your orders, regardless of version. In addition, the above requirement does not apply to mobile devices running iOS, so, place your order with your iPhone or iPad can even reactionaries, preferring not to hurry with the update.

But it is not necessary to consider the measures introduced as repressive. Most likely, the ban on access to the online Apple store for users of OS X 10.10.5 associated with the company’s desire to protect them. It is possible that in this version of the operating system there is a system bug, which facilitates spoofing of domain names , when a legitimate address is replaced with the phishing. As a result, users run the risk of his own to disclose their payment details, address and other sensitive information to scammers.

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