Apple has designed a new unique computers iMac future

Apple iMac

I’ve kept computers iMac from Apple is mostly on its design for many years, which means that Apple is obliged at some point in the near future to change the design, or at least that’s the hope. We still have to see whether Apple will do this or not, but at the same time, it seems that Apple may have invented a completely different idea for the design of potential new computers iMac.

According to the patent invention have been discovered recently by the website Apple Insider, they show us the design of a computer iMac the apple processing with a single layer of glass. As you can see in the drawing below, it knows iMac with the screen present in the framework of curved towards the user, with a small holder on the back to help keep it straight.


At the bottom of the frame, the space looks like Where will be included a keyboard, with two additional on the left and right, which is the space that we’re not sure if it will work as follow to make this computer a computer integrated, where it works directly without having to connect it with other accessories like mouse and keyboard.

It’s a unique idea, but considering it is just a patent, there is no really confirms that Apple is planning to make it a reality. However, as much as we would like to see Apple redesign the iMac, the fact of the launch of company for your iMac Pro in the recent times, only indicates that we still have to wait a bit before we see computers iMac you get a whole new design.


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