Apple has designed for iPhone, but note

With the direction of the designs of the phones to become screen own reality in an attempt to reduce the dialogue as much as possible, Apple launched the Note iPhone X last year to begin a new direction in the minimize edges of the top screen as much as possible.

But the cause is the sheet in the pieces of content displayed and The Shape of the phone made him a pariah among some, prompting manufacturers to try to replace it with another ratings until we saw the Oppo Find X camera sliding.

After a short period of confirm Samsung developed screen to choose the front camera in order not to have the adoption of the note by air adapted, the back of new patents registered on behalf of Apple describes the company’s solutions for the notes in iPhone’s future.

From the description of the patent, think of Apple in the manufacture of a screen with tiny holes placed in the front camera sensors, Face ID, instead of placing camera sensors in the note great.

For the implementation of the design, used drill bit on the screen to make a hole to form a loop, and then continue to dream to avoid the area of the sensor. During use of the drill, is to protect the selected area with material similar to the cushion in order to avoid damaging the screen.

Logic says that this design is the next step after the notes, but Apple may cancel it entirely, if they felt they could benefit from the development of the Samsung screen, can embed the camera sensors.

Source: USPTO

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