Apple has developed a new way to exchange data between iPhone

Remember as before to transfer pictures or ringtones (Yes, not the song) we put two phones close to each other so as not to lose contact between the infrared ports? It looks like Apple is going to revive the once popular method of communication in the new iPhone and iPad. Despite the availability of AirDrop and Bluetooth, in Cupertino develop additional tools, as evidenced by a recent patent of the Corporation. In documents it is told that a company creates ways to be more efficient and secure data exchange between devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Soon we won’t have to use AirDrop

According to information from the Apple devices will be able to use the “Protocol establishing connection” for secure search, connect and identify each other. After that, they will switch to a system with more bandwidth for the actual data exchange.

“Protocol for communication of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is one example,” says Apple. “However, the high response time still remains the main drawback of BLE”.

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For example, to search device via Bluetooth, it takes up to 10 seconds, whereas Apple wants to reduce response time to two seconds. How? The company proposes to use an alternative in the form of optical transmitters and receivers. Although the patent doesn’t say it, the concept is similar to the old system IRTalk using infrared optical equipment to transfer files to another device (the same infrared). Apple used IR data transfer in some PowerBook and Newton. If also used a similar transfer method, please share your memories in our Telegram chat.

Soon we will be able new way to transfer data between iPhone

The infrared port in the iPhone

The issue here is not so much how it will operate the new system, and the accuracy of its electronic data to randomly not turned on the device where they really don’t need to be. However, Apple promises more tools to protect information — in other words, without confirmation of the owner of his data is not going anywhere.

Apple includes a movable lens for transmission and a light-sensitive receiver. The moving element lets you move your iPhone or iPad, and do not keep them close as still as before.

The device can be moved, the transmission will not be interrupted

Infrared first appeared on the most serious phones, then all at once. Next, on the same serious devices, he began to fade and, as a consequence, have disappeared at all. The era of the revival of the infra-red port? I wonder just what will be the range on such decisions. It is unlikely Apple will simply add a port to the iPhone: however, all the features of the technology is hidden the secret documents (apparently, the competitors remained in the dark).

These two patents represent only part of the examples of how Apple wants to engage their devices with each other. Latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhone features Apple chip U1, which is to be used for similar purposes. Chip U1 uses broadband in order to determine where a particular device. However, until Apple used it only to improve the function AirDrop.

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