Apple has developed an innovative display for iPhone

While other manufacturers are experimenting with folding smartphones, Apple continues to improve the traditional and proven designs. Today it became known that the company registered another patent – this time the subject of discussion was the display. It turned out that the engineers of the Corporation have developed a special innovative coating which will allow to solve several problems at once.

According to the document, based on new technologies are vertically-emitting lasers (VCSEL). Same as used in sensors of TrueDepth. However there are a few differences — they will not be located separately and will be embedded in a special layer — this will allow you to register a tiny deformation in the structure display at the touch.

What does it do? Experts suggest several possible use cases:

  • Apple can use a special layer to improve 3D Touch. However, such developments are hard to believe — given the rumors that the company will refuse to use the recognition technology of touch in the new iPhone.
  • The more likely option — the introduction of fingerprint sensor in future iPhone screen. By the way — while none of the competitors did not provide a technology, which is based on infrared rays. Most innovative solution implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S10. It uses ultrasonic sensor (advanced technology, which creates three-dimensional models of fingers by using acoustic vibrations)
  • However, Apple might not apply the vertical-emitting lasers, being confined to “multilayer antireflection coating”, which is also in development. In this case, we will receive advanced monitor sunlight, which sometimes lacks iPhone.

Of course, to talk about any plans too early, given that the technologies described only on paper. As we know, Apple registers hundreds of patents, many of which will never be implemented in real products.

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