Apple has discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, and XR

Several days separate us from the month of September, which is the month associated in the minds of technology followers with iPhones and Apple products, although this year will be slightly different due to the Corona virus, which may delay the launch of iPhone phones until October or perhaps early November.

According to a new leak, as soon as Apple launches the iPhone 12 series, the markets will stop manufacturing the older products completely or almost completely, and that manufacturing process will begin with the iPhone XR, while some iPhones such as the iPhone SE or iPhone 11 will continue.

In short, Apple will stop phones that have better alternatives, and instead of lowering the price of the iPhone XR further, it will stop producing it in exchange for reducing the price of the iPhone 11 itself. In addition to the above, Apple will also stop producing the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max after the launch of the iPhone 12 phones, The reason is mostly because the iPhone 12 will be in the same price category and with better specifications.

Source: Gizchina

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