Apple has invested $250 million into the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass

Apple has been working with Corning, a manufacturer of high-quality hardened glass. Everything iPhone, including the first, released in 2007, features Windows this manufacturer. No exception and novelties, also received protection from Corning. It is logical that Apple is interested in cooperation in the future, therefore, Apple made the decision to invest in already become almost regular “glaziers” of $ 250 million.

iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

The tech giant announced on Tuesday. Apple representatives said that the money was transferred to the company from the Corning Foundation for the development and improvement of production owned by Apple. The company regularly invests in innovative production. Many of them, we offer not only online, but in Yandex.Zen.

The statement said that this amount was in addition to 200 million dollars, which Apple gave the manufacturer of armored glass two years earlier. The money is intended to ensure that the company could improve its production technology of glass, which could then be used in the new iPhones, Apple Watch and iPad, as Apple advanced development require continuous supply of the most modern materials.

In an interview with reporters, John Bain, head of Corning noted that his company sparingly uses the received funds, regular reporting of expenditure in their returns. But modern developments constantly require funding, so received the other day to 250 million will enable Corning to redouble efforts aimed at the creation of the latest innovative products.

Since its inception in 2007, the glass Gorilla Glass from Corning has found the use of around seven billion devices, which in itself does honour to the brand. Nevertheless, the Apple company has long-standing partnerships, so the developers of glasses in advance trying to anticipate the expectations of one of its key customers and investors, trying to provide Apple your best solutions.

Gorilla Glass 6

Apple never tells what kind of glass is on the particular model of the iPhone or iPad, but it is known that glass for Apple devices, Corning manufactures on special order.

The head of Corning glass refused to discuss the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, from comparisons with Gorilla Glass 6installed on the smartphones of competitors, he also refused. While Bain said that due to Apple investment company were able to develop advanced manufacturing processes that are used exclusively for the production of glasses on order from Cupertino.

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