Apple has launched a Research app to study the health of the users

Medical technology is something Apple has lately been paying even more attention than augmented reality. The company believes that their goal is to make all sorts of methods to monitor health available to each user, giving them the opportunity to control the state of his body. Therefore, from year to year in Cupertino carry out different kind of research, providing their device diagnostic functions. For example, at this time Apple launched three large-scale research program.

Apple launches three research programs that will help her better understand the nature of popular diseases. Well, a worthy goal

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Research is a new app aimed at the collection of medical data. It allows users from the United States to take part in research programs in three areas: studies of heart rate and movements, the study of hearing and women’s health research. The app will track the overall health of participants in the passive mode, using Apple Watch, and also to arrange monthly surveys to determine how participants determine their health.

Diagnosis of diseases with the help of Apple Watch

Health studies is a new initiative of Apple, which will bring medical technology to a new level

For example, the study of heart rhythm Apple wants to identify patterns of occurrence of atrial fibrillation. This will allow the company to better understand the nature of this disease, causes, symptoms and characteristic signs by which it can be determined in advance. At the same time to participate in the program will be enough, even the Apple Watch Series 1. The watch will automatically read your heart rate, analyze them and then send these data to examine the scientist, so they made the necessary conclusions.

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But if Apple is used to study heart health, now plans to expand its range of research to see how loud sound affects the stress people, as well as studying the menstrual cycles of women and carrying out additional issues, learn to identify diseases of the genitourinary system. The result is to use the obtained data for the diagnosis of various disorders at an early stage, knowing their underlying causes. This will allow to start timely treatment and to avoid negative consequences.

How Apple protects your data

Despite the fact that the data of users obtained during the use of Research, will be further studied by scientists, Apple promises that they are all securely protected and anonymised. Therefore, to compare information of a medical nature with a particular person will be impossible. However, you need to understand that many data are of a highly personal nature, but because users who agree to share them, need to be clear about what you want. In any case, to withdraw consent back and get Apple to remove an accumulated information will be impossible.

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Apple does a great job exploring the various diseases and trying to identify them at an early stage. For example, over the past few years, Cupertino has already received the necessary skills to diagnose hypertension, based on data on the speed of blood flow, sleep apnea, using data for heart rate, and even diabetes at an early stage, realizing that the heart of a person with diabetes, begins to beat as a healthy person. But, unfortunately, none of these studies have not found a real application and will probably find a very long time.

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