Apple has named the best apps and games from the App Store 2019

Apps is what makes the operating system alive. Without them, the modern smartphone would not be half as functional such as it is now. In fact, the developers are doing what the manufacturers are either not smart enough on their own, or found the implementation too costly. As a result, the smartphones had the opportunity to shoot on a long exposure has got the function of routing and even learned how to replace a gaming console. So Apple, the success of which depends in part on third-party software, can not admit and built the list of best apps and games that have set the trends in the industry in 2019.

Apple chose the best apps and games from the App Store. Here they are

App for iPhone

Spectre Camera — camera app that lets you take photos on a long exposure

The app for iPhone became the app Spectre Camera from Studio Lux Optics. To win the first place he managed with advanced photography capabilities, which is achieved through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. As a result, the Spectre Camera users have the opportunity to make high-quality pictures with a long exposure.

App for iPad

Moleskine exist not only in reality but in the App Store

Despite the fact that the skeuomorph times long gone, the developers moved the Moleskine experience traditional notebooks on the iPad, releasing the application Flow. Style, simplicity and at the same time a wide range of functions from making notes to draw using the virtual art tools did Flow the best app for the iPad.

App for Mac

Affinity Publisher is the best application to design printed materials

Creative apps are one of the biggest categories of software for the Mac, so to stand out in this abundance is really difficult. But Affinity Publisher managed to do it thanks to our wide range of professional tools to design any printed materials ranging from beautiful photo books to flyers.

Trends in applications 2019: a Simple way to share the story

Application for self-expression came in the top of the App Store

With the development of smart phones to Express myself has become much easier than before. But if the majority prefer to do it on social networks, this does not mean that other ways of expression there. Apple highlighted several programs that meet the spirit of the time and offer the appropriate tools that will allow you to share memories, dreams and many others: Anchor, Unfold, Steller, Over and Wattpad. These apps are focused on expression through a variety of forms – from creating podcasts to produce realistic looking photo collages.

Best game for iPhone in 2019

Find the best game for the iPhone easy. Here it is

The abundance of iPhone games makes a selection of the best task quite trivial. Still today, technology allows to make not only trivial taymkillery, where you need to press the virtual cockroaches, but to create something more grandiose. Sky: Children of the Light is one of these. It is beautifully drawn multiplayer quest where you have to help heavenly creatures to find their way home.

Best game for iPad in 2019

16-bit games can be cool

Hyper Light Drifter is an updated version of the classic 16-bit adventure game, which, however, did not prevent her from becoming the best game for the iPad. A fascinating story and an intense struggle for survival that faces the user, allow us to conclude that in Cupertino not wrong, placing it at her.

Best game for Mac in 2019

Puzzle still in Vogue at Apple users

It was always assumed that the Mac device is not for games. Effect of professional orientation. Therefore, the best game for the Mac, which was chosen this year, has a corresponding destiny. She was a puzzle GRIS, where you have to piece together the life of the protagonist, survivor of a tragic loss.

Best game for Apple TV in 2019

On Apple TV also have good games. The main thing is to look for them

Not always the best way to the newest games. Sometimes the age-old classic takes experience, as in the case of Apple TV. This year an impartial jury chose adventure Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, known since the mid 80-ies, the best game for set-top boxes, which has now acquired the full capabilities of the console.

Gaming trend 2019

Portirovaniyu games — a new trend App Store 2019

On iOS a lot of ports. Mario Kart, Minecraft Earth, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion – they all originally came out for other platforms, and then hit in the App Store. It is not surprising that the new trend were ported game. But since the developers have not simply moved them, and breathed new life into them, changing some features, they can be considered full-fledged works.

Best game Apple Arcade

Of the more than one hundred games in the Arcade more all Apple is singled out for this

This year Apple has launched a cross-platform gaming service with more than a hundred exciting games, not available anywhere else. From such a wide range was difficult to choose something really unique, but the jury allocated Sayonara Wild Hearts. This is an amazingly beautiful game full of tense battles with swords, racing motorcycles and dramatic plot twists.

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