Apple has not held a presentation, and competitors already bustling

In its history, Apple has changed not one market. Personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches and the list is still very long. However, every time there are rumors that Cupertino is preparing for the development of new areas, existing authorities pretend that nothing is happening, believing in the permanence of their positions. That’s just the Tile – known manufacturer of Bluetooth trackers – for some reason, tensed and seems to be absolutely nothing.

It search tracker Tile. He helps to find lost things

Tile is a recognized authority of the market of trinkets to locate lost possessions, and during its presence on the market has developed relationships with manufacturers such as Bose, Skullcandy, and others, began to equip their products with their search technologies. Therefore, vendors were able to attract new users the opportunity to search for the lost earphones, and the Tile has got more fame due to their famous partners. It would seem that may want to harm her? But Tile think otherwise.

As competitors fear the Apple

Read between the lines: Please don’t forget about us after what happens on Tuesday

Shortly before the presentation of Apple, which will be held September 10, Tile sent out to journalists thematic publications gift set, which consisted of headphones with the support of the search tracker Tile and scrapbook, the contents of which one may seem vulgar, and others appealing.

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“When you go to Cupertino or just decide to take a little adventure in these warm days, forget about earphones with built-in light Tile, which will allow you to easily find them wherever you go”, — stated in the message.

How does the Bluetooth tracker

It would seem, and here at Cupertino? But those who are destined for this gift, I understand. It is obvious that Tile are very worried about Apple’s plans to release its own search light, and therefore diligently reminded of their existence for journalists who have the audience to compare products from two companies, pushing their heads together and announcing the verdict in favor of the winner.

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I must say that Tile is not in vain worries about the new Apple tracker. After all, if we believe the data leakage and insider plums, Apple Tag – and, according to rumors, it will be called the novelty will receive not only the ability to track the location of lost things, communicating with the iPhone people passing by, but also be able to pave the way to lossusing augmented reality. Neither Tile, unfortunately, can not. It seems that this time Apple will win.

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