Apple has officially launched Apple TV in Russia. Without dubbing but with subtitles

Today, November 1, Apple officially launched a streaming video service Apple TV+. This is one of the most ambitious projects of the company, as it not only identified a new vector of its development, but also has the potential to become the most important source of income. Apple TV launch will allow Apple to compete with such giants as Amazon, Netflix and HBO, and thanks to the audience of millions of dedicated users willing to subscribe to the service, the company from Cupertino has all chances to become the new trendsetter on the world market of streaming services. But since most of us have little interest in ways to achieve the Apple world domination, let’s talk about more mundane things.

Apple TV+ – already in Russia. The first 7 days for free

The contents

How to get a free subscription on the Apple TV+

The first two series each episode in Apple TV+ free for all

Unlike Apple News+, Apple did not limit the availability of Apple TV+ English-speaking countries and launched in more than 150 countries around the world, including in Russia. Despite the fact that the official price of the subscription in the U.S. is only $ 5, or about 320 rubles, in terms of rubles, in Cupertino have decided that online is not enough is available. Therefore, after studying the local market and development of pricing policies the subscription price set at around 199 rubles per month. However, buying one of the Apple devices, you can get free access to the platform for a year, and the first two series of each series is free to everyone.

What TV shows are on Apple TV+

At the moment the site is available only 1 film and 7 series. It’s a bit, but given that, firstly, Apple will be releasing every week for a new series, and second of all, all exclusive pictures, found nowhere else, it is quite possible to live. In addition, the company will continuously expand the range of platform, promising to launch before the end of the year several major projects. Some of them in Cupertino compared to the “Game of thrones”, saying that they will not give her the epic scope.

To see

In the distant future, an unknown virus has wiped out most of the population, and those who survived the epidemic of blind. Centuries later, the family of the hero Jason Momoa twins were born, is endowed with the ability to see. And now he must defend his tribe from the Queen, which considered the gift of the evil.

Morning show

What happens behind the scenes of the morning show? An intriguing drama with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer aniston, and Steve Carell is devoted to the difficult everyday life of those who every morning has helped millions of Americans to Wake up.


Emily Dickinson was born a rebel. She’s going to become the most famous poet in the world and boldly violate the boundaries that are put in front of her society and family.

For the sake of all mankind

Imagine a world where the space race never ended. The main characters of the drama series Ronald D. Moore NASA astronauts and their families. It is a fascinating alternative version of history in which mankind is still obsessed with dreams of space exploration.

Queen of elephants

To a great journey with Athena, the majestic matriarch of the elephants, which goes with his herd in the African Savannah full of dangers. The film entered the International film festival in Toronto in 2018 and the festival “Sundance-2019”.

Assistants (dubbing)

Cody and assistants are cheerful and active monsters who love to help others and to solve problems. To organize a holiday or a trip to the mountains? Learn the tricks and stunts? No problem! Assistants can handle anything, because they always have a plan.

The message of the Ghost

Once in a bookstore, start Ghost, literary characters come alive and are among us. Four friends are trying together to solve the mystery of the Ghost and learn what keeps him in our world. In search of heroes follow the clues encoded in secret messages that only they can see.

Snoopy in space

Snoopy fulfilled his lifelong dream: he’s now a NASA astronaut! Brave Beagle undertakes a study of the International space station and together with friends went to explore the moon and other distant planets and galaxies.

Where can you watch Apple TV+

To watch Apple TV+ is possible on devices of a wide range:

  • On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Mac/Apple TV (in the app Apple TV);
  • Browser devices based on any OS (;
  • On smart TVs Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio (the Apple TV).

How to enable Russian language in Apple TV+

It’s obvious that Apple is carefully prepared to provide a Apple TV+ a maximum reach. It turns out that watching soap operas on the new site will be able to even those who do not use Apple devices. Despite this, full-fledged Russian-language dubbing, unfortunately, did not deliver. The only series that was voiced in Russian, is “Helpers”. Whether in Cupertino have decided to make an exception for children who are going to watch it, or just not found the right Studio dubbing that would be able to translate and duplicate the rest of the content in Russian language. So all that remains for the users to watch TV shows with subtitles. But I would like to believe that in the near future this deficiency will be corrected.

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