Apple has prevented updating the wordpress application on its store to deduct any revenue

Apple has blocked the wordpress app from updating its store to deduct any revenue

In a problem that is not new between Apple and application developers but has been talked about in public; The owner of App Sotre has blocked updates from reaching WordPress, which allows site owners to control and manage them with their iOS devices, of course.

In this regard, Matt Mullenweg, the founder and developer of the WordPress platform, accused Apple of preventing them from delivering the necessary updates for their application or filling gaps in it on the App Store because the application does not include a paid plan within it that enables Apple _ the highest market value in the world _ to deduct its share, which is 30% of the proportion Purchases.

In a step to push the open source platform to adopt "in-app purchase" plans that allow the first to benefit and deduct its share, as is the case with other developers' applications on its store.

By investigating the application, it appears separate from other company services that provide domains and other services related to websites, as WordPress iOS enables its users to freely access domains and take advantage of 3 GB of space.

For its part, Apple confirmed this, noting that the policy of “in-app purchase” is required regardless of what the application is when this application allows its users to access content, subscriptions or features that they have purchased through other platforms or the developer's website!

In a solution to the problem, WordPress added payment plans for WordPress domains within its application. About 30 days later, Apple allowed automatic updates. Him where the latest update arrived yesterday.


The Verge

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