Apple has put in place Spotify, but hurt yourself

This spring, Spotify has complained to Apple to the European Commission, accusing it of creating a monopoly. The user stream service demanded to ban Apple to charge a fee for the purchases that users make within the application, because of this, Spotify loses a significant portion of the profits. However, as stated in Cupertino, moreover, that the Swedish streaming service is not subject to the 30-and 15-percent fee, and pays a Commission on purchases of not more than 0.5% of all its users.

Spotify pays Apple a fee for the purchased in the subscription app with about 680 thousand users, explain in Cupertino. Is less than one percent of the total number of paid subscribers in the Swedish service. Typically, those users who have subscribed to Spotify in the iOS app in the period from 2014 to 2016. Thus, all other subscribers prefer to pay for a subscription through the website service and, therefore, these transactions generally are not subject to taxes.

How loyal Apple

This statement tells a lot. The fact that Spotify not only pay Apple several times less, than said, and made every effort to minimise payment, clearing tool subscription outside of the app. Of course, every right to Spotify, but the fact that Apple has allowed the service to do so, shows the extreme loyalty of the company from Cupertino, but not about her quest to create a monopoly and preying on the poor developers.

Why is it dangerous

Actually what happens is a very dangerous trend. If information about the conditional right of developers to make tools subscribe outside applications will be betrayed to wide publicity, Apple risks losing a hefty share of the profits that it brings to the App Store. It is obvious that the developers realized that you can not pay Apple will start signing users on their sites, as it already does with Spotify and Netflix.

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