Apple has registered a new MacBook Pro and server version of the Mac Pro

During the year, we are faced with a large number of various leaks, predictions and rumors about upcoming Apple news. Most of them are not just incorrect, but inherently false. However, this fact, it seems, did not upset fans of the company, becoming a kind of competition in which have to guess when the insiders merge the correct information, and when – is completely false. However, there is at least one source that is guaranteed not to make mistakes and delivers the only proven data. Of course, this is the Eurasian economic Commission.

Soon Apple will introduce new MacBook Pro 13″

Before you begin selling new devices within the Eurasian economic Union in General and Russia in particular, Apple is obliged to register them. In the process of registering gadgets tested by regulatory bodies such as the Roscomnadzor and communications Ministry and intelligence agencies like the FSB. Audit by this Department also is required because it is aimed at excluding the presence of initially undeclared functions, which, for example, can be used for unauthorized surveillance.

This week, Apple filed a request to the Eurasian economic Commission for the registration of an unknown laptop out of the box running macOS Catalina. The laptop is designated A2289, who had never met before the lineup of the company, pointing out that this is a completely new device, preparing for the official sales in the foreseeable future. However, given that sometimes between registration and the actual appearance in retail may take a few months, we wouldn’t count on a release in the coming weeks.

MacBook Pro 13″ with keyboard “scissors”

The Eurasian economic Commission — the most reliable supplier of leaks about new Apple

Obviously, the laptop, an application for registration which was filed by Apple is anything other, as the updated MacBook Pro 13″ with keyboard “scissors”. Despite the fact that we still have doubts about the diagonal, which can grow up to 14 inches, the output of this model is quite logical and expected. In the end, the senior lineup, Apple has updated, leaving the younger on relatively outdated hardware and, most importantly, with a lousy keyboard, “butterfly”, having a tendency to spontaneous breakdowns.

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When Apple will decide on the actual release of the new MacBook Pro 13”, hard to say. On the one hand, it would be appropriate to release it in March, which the company has, according to rumors, a planned presentation of the iPhone SE and 2 search tracker AirTag and maybe a few more novelties. But wait it is not necessary, because the 16-inch model that Apple introduced out of any events. Therefore, nothing prevents the company to do the same in respect of the Junior notebook, with the launch of regular press release.

When will the server Mac Pro 2019

However MacBook Pro 13” was not the only novelty introduced in the basis of the Eurasian economic Commission. Apart from him, there was at least another two innovations: the server modification of the Mac Pro 2019, which, unlike classical, is still not out even in the US, as well as a couple brand new Apple TV, powered by tvOS 13. As for the extenders, then it is the existing model that Apple sells in Russia for quite some time. Therefore, their occurrence in the database, the EEC looks a bit strange and even inappropriate.

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