Apple has registered in Russia, the new iPhone 11

Following the release of the new MacBook Prothat came out this week, Apple today officially registered in Russia, the new iPhone. It follows from the materials of the Eurasian economic Commission, in the database which were found mention of the upcoming smartphones. In total, the documents of the Agency listed 11 new models, which is very symbolic, considering the sequence number of future vehicles.

The registration of the Eurasian economic Commission actually means that smartphones have passed the test of the Federal security service and meet the requirements of the Russian and Eurasian law. In fact, it opens the company approved by the Ministry, the opportunity to start official sales of zaregistrirovannykh products in countries of the Eurasian Union.

Modification iPhone 11

  • A2111
  • A2160
  • A2161
  • A2215
  • A2216
  • A2217
  • A2218
  • A2219
  • A2220
  • A2221
  • A2223

The abundance of models is due to the fact that each of them is different from the other memory. So count on the appearance in the lineup of Apple iPhone second generation SE, which I hope many Russians, probably not worth it.

Why are smartphones running iOS 12

It is noteworthy that all the smartphones mentioned in the registration documents of the Eurasian economic Commission, are running iOS 12. The reason for using last year’s version of the operating system is that iOS 13, with which the iPhone 11 will come out of the box, still not ready, and for comprehensive testing of vehicles the Department needed a full-fledged operating platform which ensures they are fully operational.

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