Apple has registered in Russia, the new iPhone iOS and iPad 12

Apple updated the content of registration documents submitted for certification of new iPhone and iPad to the Eurasian economic Commission. This drew the attention of French site Consomac.

New iPhone

Updated documents confirm the right of the company for implementation on the territory of the Eurasian economic Union 11 new models of iPhone, running iOS 12. These models have already appeared in the database of the EEC, but then their software is based on iOS for number 11.

The new iPad

Besides the iPhone, the documents are references to two new iPad models. They appear under the code designations A1895 and A1980, and were not included in the previous version of the document. It is interesting that, unlike smartphones, which Apple has updated to iOS 12, the tablets according to the documentation, still work on the basis of iOS 11.

New MacBook Pro

The document also mentions the new MacBook Pro with screen sizes of 13 and 15 inches, whose release was held yesterday.

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