Apple has released a series of videos, tutorials, pictures and video on iPhone

Despite the fact that the period of free support that Apple provides users with branded devices on the phone is limited to 90 days, even after finishing in Cupertino do not stop to provide their clients with helpful tips. Most often they come on the YouTube channel of the company in the form of short videos format, How-to and can be more than helpful for beginners who are just starting their way into the ecosystem of devices “fruit” brand.

A new selection consists of four videos designed to help you improve your own skills conduct photo and video shooting on the camera of your iPhone.

How to work with exposure on the iPhone

The first video teaches how to work with light and shadows. Catch the opportune moment, place your subject so that it cast a shadow, then lock the focus by holding your finger on the subject and adjust the exposure so that the shadow has been expressed more clearly, and shoot.

How to enable the camera grid on your iPhone

The theme of the second video became the foundations of the rule of thirds, based on a simplified rule of the Golden section. It is intended to simplify the process of photography, making it easier to frame your shot. To activate the virtual grid that you can enable by going to “Settings” — “Camera” — “Grid”.

How to shoot timelapse on iPhone

The third video focused on shooting timelapse. In fact, this slow-mo reverse. In this mode, the iPhone records long video and then speeds it up. To remove the timelapse video, you have to activate the camera on your smartphone and go to the appropriate shooting mode, which is a routine time lapse.

How to trim videos on iPhone

The final video teaches you crop already captured videos. You need to find the Photos desired entry, and, opening it, press “Edit”. It remains only to choose a moment which you like best and crop it by moving the sliders to the right and to the left.

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