Apple has released iOS 12.3.1 error correction

In a series of major updates to the iOS, riddled innovations, we almost forgot that there are updates of the third order, which, although not bring new features, fix various bugs and vulnerabilities. But today, Apple has decided to remind us about their existence and released iOS 12.3.1. The update is already available for download for the owners of all compatible devices. You can download it over the air if you have a stable Internet connection and via the desktop version of iTunes.

As expected all updates of the third order, iOS 12.3.1 focused exclusively on correcting the deficiencies that surfaced in OS after the release of the previous build.

What’s new in iOS 12.3.1

  • Fixed the problem of forced termination of calls to VoLTE;
  • Fixed an issue allowing to appear in the message list, messages from unknown senders, even if you have included protection against them;
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the report message received from an unknown sender.

This is the first iOS update for that year for which no provision for beta testing program. From this we can draw the logical conclusion that iOS 12.3.1 includes more than three corrections. Most likely, undeclared corrections, if any, are related to the security of the operating system, and therefore about eliminate them breach, for obvious reasons, the Cupertino chose to remain silent, as has happened before.

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