Apple has released iOS 12.3.2. What’s new?

Despite the fact that many users waiting for release iOS 12.4, Apple is in no hurry to release such a significant update early. And lest we forget that the work to improve the operating system does not stop even for a day, the company introduced iOS for the number 12.3.2. The update is now available for download on the iPhone 8 Plus, since its main purpose is the correction of the defects in the mode of portraiture.

Judging by the description of the update proposed by Apple, iOS 12.3.2 eliminates errors that may occur in the portrait shooting mode on the iPhone 8 Plus. The problem manifested itself when the effect is applied depth. Because of them some of the pictures could be “flat”, not accompanied by the depth effect typical for photographs of this type.

Innovations iOS 12.3.2

Despite the fact that in the description of the updates Apple has mentioned only one change, it cannot be excluded that it contains no other fixes. As a rule, any – even the minor – key updates include many bug-fixes aimed at improving stability and security of the operating system. Often Apple fixes a particularly dangerous vulnerability in the update of the third order, therefore, to neglect them just not worth it.

Last month, Apple released an iOS update for 12.3.1. It also focused on fixing issues with the calls on VoLTE, as well as messenger iMessage, which for some time has lost the ability to filter out unwanted callers, and also functions spam reporting. Fortunately, as shown, the update was so timely that many users don’t even have time to notice any problems.

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