Apple has released iOS 13.3 beta 4, tvOS 13.3 beta 4 and watchOS 6.1.1 beta 4

You noticed that too? Over the past two weeks Apple has not released any updates for its operating systems, whether it is a minor patch with bug-fixes or test Assembly iOS 13.3, which in Cupertino are still in the beginning of November. At some point, users thought Apple had three stages of beta testing the updates and she will present it to the General public. But as it turned out, it was a big mistake, because tonight the company released the fourth beta of iOS 13.3 for developers.

iOS 13.3 beta 4 was released more than two weeks after the release of the previous build

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13.3 iOS beta 4 came out not one. With it in the package Apple has released the fourth beta version iPadOS 13.3, 13.3 and tvOS watchOS 6.1.1. All four updates yet distributed only among the owners of accounts of developers and available for download to program participants pre-testing. Most likely, the release of publicly-available version updates will take place next week, as is usually the case. Apple deliberately makes this differentiation in order to have time to withdraw the upgrade and not break the functionality of the devices of ordinary testers.

Is it possible to install beta iOS

Therefore, to install a beta build designed for developers, to the main device, probably not worth it. Still, for the last time in iOS found so many bugs and flaws that have a negative effect on the operation of compatible iPhone and iPad models, what if you want to keep the device in working condition, the best option would be to wait for the release, read the reviews about the update before installing it.

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iOS 13.3, despite the fact that is an upgrade of the second order, which is commonly called functional, contains a minimum of innovations. Almost all of them are cosmetic and do not affect the ability of the operating system, improving its just the General perception. Worth noting is that support for external secure key in Safari that allow you to replace the password authorization, as well as a separate category in “Screen time”, which allows you to restrict making calls and sending messages.

When will the iOS 13.3

This is most likely not the latest beta version of iOS 13.3 to the end of the year we will see another one. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that the release upgrade will take place in a couple of weeks, given that Apple has suddenly gone from a weekly release cycle new test builds of OS for two weeks. Apparently, the developers found in the OS of any problems that have to be urgent to fix, or simply changed the approach to testing and are now exploring the function of each update separately.

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