Apple has released iOS 13 beta 3 for public testing

A day without updates – under such motto the Apple held the outgoing week. For the past 4 days, the company has released more than five updates for its operating systems, including test Assembly and release. To finish the week in Cupertino decided third beta versions of iOS 13 and tvOS 13 for program participants pre-testing. For their installation does not require a registered developers, but rather only a public beta profile.

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iOS 13 is one of the most anticipated mobile OS updates from Apple in recent years. In it, the company has fulfilled several requests from users, deeming that thus can make the operating system easier than before. In many ways, and left.

What’s new in iOS 13

  • Night theme will not only reduce eye strain while using the smartphone in dark environments, but also reduce the power consumption of devices with AMOLED-screens.
  • Support for panoramas in Apple Maps makes navigation using proprietary Apple maps easier and clearer.
  • Vision correction FaceTime will not allow your interlocutor to doubt that you are interested in what he says. Thanks to the technology of augmented reality to create the impression that your gaze is constantly directed at the camera, even if you look to the side.

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How to install beta iOS 13

Install iOS 13 beta 3 can anyone. For this you need to register in the beta program, set to a compatible device active beta-profile, and then search for updates, download the test build of the OS.

We provide the user manual in this compressed form deliberately, because we hope that this will prevent you from installing beta versions of updates. The fact that, as shown, iOS 13 under test has a lot of flawsthat endanger users and their details, including payment.

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