Apple has released iOS 13 beta 8 for developers

The closer the release of iOS 13, the shorter become the time intervals between outputs of the test assemblies. If at an early stage of testing, the company released the beta once every two weeks, then moved to a weekly cycle, now a new version of the OS out even more frequently than once a week. A living example – iOS 13 beta 8 that came out today, becoming available for download to users with accounts developers just 6 days after the release of the previous build.

As with previous beta build of iOS 13, having the sequence number “7”, iOS 13 beta 8 contains a minimum of innovations. This means that Apple has completed the development of new functions of the operating system and now in the home stretch, working to improve its stability and increase processing speed. Well, if the innovations they come across, most of them are purely cosmetic and aimed at improving the perception of updates in General.

What’s new in iOS 7 beta 13

  • Changed the transparency of the folders on the desktop;
  • Updated the icon to activate the night theme in the control center;
  • In the Mail settings has a option to block unwanted senders;
  • The function “Mute unknown numbers” now allows you to receive calls only from your contacts, but also from the recent numbers, and from subscribers, the proposed Siri;
  • In the application “Locator” appeared to quickly move on

When will iOS 13

Now, when to release iOS 13 remains less than a month, Apple mainly deals with the correction of bugs and vulnerabilities, which does well should not be in the final version of the update. However, developers still have some work to do. The fact is that at this point in the test Assembly iOS 13 still present some serious flawsthat require correction.

What Apple will unveil at the presentation on 10 September

Most likely, iOS 13 will be released the evening of 10 September, a day Apple event. The company could announce three new iPhone, a MacBook Pro with a screen diagonal of 16 inches and a keyboard “scissors” of the new generation, and the new Apple Watch, which is rumored to receive the support of the control function of the user’s sleep. And what are you waiting for? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

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