Apple has released iOS 7 beta 13 for all. How to install

In just a few hours after the release the eighth beta version of iOS 13 for developers Apple has released the seventh for public testing. Numbering public assemblies traditionally lags behind closed obviously, requiring additional time for study. It’s pretty strange, considering that the public beta versions usually have the same build of that and preceding assemblies for users with the accounts of developers, and so contain all the same bugs and flaws.

iPhone XS

iOS 13 is perhaps the most awaited version of mobile OS from Apple from those that appeared in recent years. The company has carefully studied not only functional component of the platform, but increased the speed of her work. As a result, applications and system elements began to run up to two times faster compared to previous versions of the operating system.

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In addition, this year, Apple went against their beliefs and added in the update is support for the dark theme. Despite the fact that initially in Cupertino were against it due to problems with the readability of text on a black background, eventually it was decided to give users. And you were waiting for this innovation? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

How to install beta iOS 13

To 13 install iOS beta 7 on your iPhone, you follow these steps:

  • Create a backup of all data on your iPhone – they will serve you well when you roll back to stable version of iOS;
  • Go to register in the beta program and log in using your Apple ID account;
  • In the opened window, select the device you want to register;
  • Download the beta profile;
  • Go to “Settings” — “Profile loaded” and install it;
  • Restart the device;
  • Open the “software Update” and search for new updates;
  • Install iOS 7 beta 13.

Installing beta iOS 13, remember that it should not expect the stability of the release versions of the operating system. Often, the test Assembly are teeming with not only bugs, but also the critical vulnerabilities, which jeopardize your data.

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