Apple has released iOS for all 13.5.1 and 13.5.5 iOS beta 1 for developers

All the updatesthat Apple releases for its operating systems are divided into three types. To the first order are iterative updates that change the number of the operating system (iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS, 12). They come once a year and contain the largest number of innovations. The updates of the second order are called functional and are aimed at the empowerment of compatible devices, making it throughout the year. They seem to fill the spare time between releases and iterative updates. Well, updates of the third order are small patches which may not contain significant changes, fix bugs and vulnerabilities. This makes them very valuable.

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Apple today released final version iOS 13.5.1 for all devices that have already updated to iOS 13.5 two weeks ago. The release was quite unexpected, as he was preceded by a long pre-test in Cupertino often can be arranged even for updates of the third order. This gives reason to believe that an emergency update is aimed at correcting critical vulnerabilities present in the operating system and directs users of the danger.

What’s new in iOS 13.5.1

Install iOS 13.5.1 will save you from security issues

Traditionally, Apple does not disclose, what fixes carry iOS 13.5.1 and 13.5.5 iOS. Thus the company does, if functional innovations in the update are missing, and it is focused solely on addressing vulnerabilities and bugs in the security system. Obviously, in Cupertino believe that the ordinary user is not necessarily aware of what changes developers made to the operating system. Moreover, to understand the features of the vulnerabilities that probably fixes update, they obviously will be very difficult.

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Experts argue that iOS 13 can be considered one of the most problematic versions of the OS for security. The fact that iOS 13 Zerodium company specializing in the acquisition and resale of vulnerabilities was forced to stop buying. The company’s management explained that operating system were so many holes and flaws that continue to buy up information about them and then became trite unprofitable. Therefore, if Zerodium and will resume the suspended practice, at heavily discounted prices.

What’s new iOS 13.5

iOS 13.5 contains a lot of useful features

  • Tracking system patients with coronavirus;
  • The mechanism of recognition on the face in the Face ID;
  • The function selection window of the speaker in group calls FaceTime;
  • Send virtual health card to the health authorities from the shutdown menu;
  • Fixed a bug of the menu “Share”, which led to the disappearance of all elements, if the user had installed WhatsApp;
  • Fixed an issue where users see a black screen when trying to play streaming videos on some sites.

13.5 in iOS to customize the Face ID in the mask

It is not excluded that the main reason for the release of iOS 13.5.1 there was a hole in iOS 13.5, which allows you to perform the procedure is untethered. This is quite a dangerous vulnerability, which was urgently needed to fix. After all, craftsmen and enthusiasts, hacked iPhone or iPad on iOS 13.5, would be able to fully scrub the code of the operating system, and to identify remaining bugs and flaws in the security mechanisms to subsequently send them in another direction. For example, to sell information about them to the intelligence services and hackers interested in hacking proprietary Apple technology.

13.5.1 already iOS can be installed on all the iPhone that got iOS 13.5

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