Apple has released Pro AirPods at the right time.

We already many times wrote on our website about the AirPods Pro. What can I say, this is a cool headphones, which not only looks cool, but also make you think about buying those who haven’t done it yet. On the one hand, you might think that Apple just released a new gadget that everyone will buy and will enjoy. Detractors would add ”pretending that they like.” But really, aware of it or not, Apple released the AirPods Pro at the right time. Better it was difficult to come up with.

From such a case to get headphones really convenient.

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The secret of popularity of AirPods

It is necessary to remember that the AirPods are very popular all over the world in General and in Russia in particular. However, they have begun to win the hearts of people only relatively recently. It is possible to find a logical explanation — such headphones are not cheap and just to buy them will dare not everyone. But, having tried them from a friend, they are just interested in the many.

And it turns out that the interest in these headphones is becoming like an avalanche. The more of them there are, the more people start to want and the more they buy. On exponentially. Indirectly, the number of AirPods people can be defined in one simple way. Just try it in the subway in rush hour to look around and count the number of ears in which is inserted the famous white earphone.

Read the experience of using AirPods headphones Pro? If not, it's not too late to do it.

The reason for the popularity of AirPods and loving them is simple. It’s the same reason that led to the popularity of the iPhone. They are simple, reliable and, importantly for many, recognizable. Like with the iPhone, once it is clear that this earphone from Apple and almost all have some idea how much they cost. Each one chooses for himself the argument to buy. Since there are plenty to choose from.

Returning to widespread, we can say that at some point the market will become saturated and headphones all who wanted to buy them. And then it will have to offer something new. Don’t you think that now is that time?

AirPods Pro is good, but what will happen next…

Whether to buy AirPods Pro?

To answer this question unambiguously, of course, impossible, as everyone has different needs. For example, I use them and very happy, but someone will object me and will give you some models to be at least as good. I said that is not so difficult to find headphones that will sound better than AirPods Pro, but you will not find anything that is as easy to connect and works reliably with iPhone. It is this combination good (though not perfect) sound and intactness is captivating in them.

One thing I can say for sure. This is an opinion I voiced, and still adhere to it. Do not buy AirPods second generation wireless case. It is better to pay more and buy the Pro version (it already with a wireless case), if you normally treat ”gags” or have to buy a relatively inexpensive option and charge by the wire.

As shown by our surveys, people mostly prefer in-ear headphones. In this sense, AirPods Pro needs to be really compelling.

Why AirPods Pro out right now?

In our Telegram chat or in the comments you can Express your opinion on the accident or on the contrary of the planned release AirPods Pro right now. My opinion is that the exit is not accidental.

We have already identified the fact that consumers are gradually getting used to, fall in love with AirPods and buy them more often. We also agreed that the growing popularity of this accessory is limited. At some time of sale will cease to grow at such a pace. Moreover, even if we release an update, hardly anyone will run to buy them, because fundamentally upgrade will be nothing. A small improvement in sound quality, slight changes in microphones, perhaps a new color… this is not a new wave of demand. You can not say about the new design of headphones and this is important for many functions as active noise reduction.

The sound in these headphones is not a standard, but good.

In the us market a certain saturation likely to be reached even earlier. It is impossible to say because Apple does not release sales numbers for its headphones. However, by circumstantial evidence, the picture is exactly as I described above.

It turns out, as the first argument of the output AirPods Pro it is now possible to call a certain market saturation and the need to offer something new. It would be possible to release them earlier, but from the business point of view this would not be the good solution.

The second reason, I think, is the growing competition. Producers gradually learn this type of headphones and are beginning to offer very good solutions. They have many large brands such as JBL, Bose, Samsung and others.

This can be attributed to the inertia of the opinions of people who first, long estranged from wired headphones, and then they had to gradually realize that listening to music does not need wire between the two headphones, and the charging case is very convenient. The adoption of a separate ”plugs” is gradually coming, and Apple you have to use it, causing your blow exactly at this point, and equip its large army of fans of modern new iPhone headphones, and also provide them with a choice between two construction types.

Now the third reason… Why now Apple has released its headphones? After all, you can do it a bit earlier or a bit later. I think you have already guessed — the fact of Christmas and new year holidays, when companies tear a big jackpot and new AirPods Pro are normally money to be able to buy as a gift.

Pro AirPods are very different from the usual AirPods. Confused just will not succeed

If you wait for the next season, can miss out the cream and it largely was the reason for the headphone output right now. Moreover, there are rumors that next year Apple is about to put AirPods bundled with the iPhone. I believe it is weak, but if that happens, it is sure to be the first generation in some way lose their value with the advent of advanced Pro.

Who needs AirPods Pro?

The answer is simple! All the AirPods needed Pro. Even if you are not going to buy them from their output, you still will benefit. The first generation greatly popularized the idea of separate headphones. The second generation continued this tradition and, according to analysts, AirPods reached the level of sales in the tens of millions of units (according to different estimates up to 35 million units sold in 2018).

So Apple with just one model topped the ratings of sellers headphones, ahead of many really famous brands for which headphones are the relevant product.

The output of the AirPods Pro forced to move those manufacturers that have created a good model is able to compete with the ”Pro” versions of AirPods. They will begin to create more advanced solutions and competition will only benefit us. In the meantime, we have headphones that we’ve waited a long time, but only got now and the reasons I described above.

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