Apple has released the Golden Master version of iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 and macOS Mojave

At the end of the presentation, which lasted about two hours, Apple released the Golden Master version of OS. This is the final beta build, which do not differ from the release version and revision contain the final set of features. Updates are already available for download to all owners of compatible devices.

In iOS 12 Apple revised its approach to the development of proprietary OS, paying attention to its optimization. The update improves the performance of old devices, reducing the delay in triggering the keyboard up to 70%, camera — up to 50% and allowing applications to run twice as fast as previous builds of iOS.

The main innovation of iOS 12

In addition, a feature was added that “Screen time”. It is designed to help users to reduce the time using their smartphones, getting rid of the addiction. Innovation provides a detailed graph of the interaction with the system and applications, allowing you to set a time limit access to them.

In iOS 12 were improved notification system. In particular, we have added the ability to group notifications from the same app. This has made possible a more efficient use of available space in the notification Center.

To see the entire list of innovations iOS 12 nand Apple’s official website.

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