Apple has sold almost all stocks of AirPort

Reserves routers line AirPort Apple around the world gradually runs out of the material should be branded online store of the company. The deficit was the result of Apple’s decision to stop further production of routers, focusing on the development of other products.

As of may 21, in the main European markets, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, great Britain and Russia, none of the models AirPort is not available for purchase through online. The chance to buy a router is still subject to visit the physical retail.

Despite the fact that Apple decided to cease production of the AirPort, in Cupertino will continue to support previously released device. In particular, it is expected that with the release of iOS 11.4 branded routers the company will receive the support of wireless technology AirPlay second generation.

That Apple has finally turned the production of AirPort, it became known about a month ago. The closure of the project was preceded by the dissolution of the team who worked on the routers and prolonged lack of hardware updates to the line that stopped in 2013.

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