Apple have not used yet, the launch AirPower in early next year


If you require to get the charging base wired AirPower from Apple, you may be interested to know that Apple did not abandon this post until now. According to the famous Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo is saying that Apple didn’t abandon AirPower and the company still hopes to be able to launch by the end of this year.

However, it also indicates that in the case if the failure of Apple to launch this product before the end of this year, it is launched in the first three months of the year 2019. Given that Ming-Chi Kuo has repeatedly proved the accuracy of his predictions and sources, there is good reason to believe he’s right this time too, but it would be always better to deal with such reports with the least amount of protection.

The announcement of the base wireless charging AirPower for the first time in 2017 along with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. However, has been postponed for launch until 2018, but it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, many have begun to believe that Apple abandoned this region after the removal of all things which refer to its official website on the internet, there have been reports saying that he is doomed to AirPower in failure because of various technical problems that plagued.

However, given that it was to find indicators to AirPower in the written instructions phones the new Apple TV, this indicates that the product is still alive and well. Anyway, only time will determine whether Apple will launch AirPower in the end, so don’t forget to come back later to get more details related to this topic.



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