Apple hiring an engineer specializing in processor design company ARM

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According to a report from Bloomberg to hire Apple designed chip veteran Mike Filippo, who was instrumental in the design of many ARM processors, which included the design of the Cortex-A76 user in processors Kuala recent Snapdragon 855.

Where to seek Apple through the process of attracting Filippo to develop a dedicated central processor for Mac in the future, thereby increasing the power of the hardware device and make it more competitive within the concept of a new building on the architecture of its own.

The report pointed out that Apple had to bring the engineer ARM to be the replacement for the architect of the processors Apple Gerard Williams III, who left the company beginning of the year.

At the same time that you don’t permit the Apple TV to the public for hire by the few only that the ARM confirmed his move to him, as to the expense of Filippo on the website LinkedIn showed his work in the design section of the chip had Apple TV since last May.

For both brands the two do not see direct competition between them so that the Apple TV does not recognize in building its processors on the architecture of ARM mainly, but they follow some of the instructions the company is specialized in the design of the chip instead.

To be so different from a lot of companies that follow the architecture of ARM as in the construction of its own products, including its industry-leading processors Qualcomm .

In lies the success of the maker of the iPhone and brought in an engineer with extensive experience and well informed closely on the designs chips, playing his essential role in lifting the performance of the chip in different products in the future in collaboration with its team of competent.

Where they seek for the market in their other products from the Mac style its hard work to stay on track the competition with the iPhone and iPad, thus exploiting the development of the architecture of the processors in the Mac and assist in the exploitation of Intel and relying on itself.

As indicated in previous reports to police work on the development of the plan to recognize itself mainly in the industry of hardware of its devices and reduce its dependence on other companies, but this will not be one even as we see that Apple is gradually moving towards the target steadily.

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