Apple hiring manager of a specialized company manufacturing smart locks

Hired Apple has a director of the company specialized manufacturing smart locks to work on the development of household products which is the ultimate goal of a series of acquisitions and new products that started out since the launch of HomeKit.

She noted the official page for the former CEO of Otto which was working before in Microsoft for ten years ago, Sam Jadallah it has become now works with Apple TV.

The company Otto has failed to achieve any success and halted their operations and steal their staff a year ago than now. The company was the development of door locks, smart supports communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with smart phones and amounts of the expensive even $ 700.

Acquired Apple TV recently the company Pullstring specialized artificial intelligence on dealing with images, if we combine these acquisitions with the audio plugin home HomePod and HomeKit, we find that Apple is still interested in acquisitions to the living room to make their technology and services and even organs available, rather than make room for competitors Google and Amazon, especially with the announcement of many job vacancies in the home services industry.

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