Apple hiring more engineers to improve the capabilities of the digital assistant Siri


Compared to a Google Assistant, and even with Amazon Alexa, don’t feel that Siri is the most intelligent despite the fact that Apple has been working on her digital since long years. In fact, a report released earlier this month suggests that Apple may require to conduct a comprehensive renovation for the digital assistant Siri to make it more competitive.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether that is true or not, but it is clear that Apple is looking to improve digital assistant, and this is reflected in a recent report based on a set of lists of the new employment, which require through its Apple to hire up to 142 people to work on things not related to digital assistant Siri. It seems that this figure is double the number compared with last year, which suggests that rumors about the subordination of the Siri process to renew the comprehensive may be right to some extent.

This should not be surprising also because with the launch of the smart speaker Apple HomePod, as far as what you want to say Apple is that its focuses more on the sound quality, they usually are comparing this device with Amazon Echo and Google Home, both of them is smarter compared to the Apple HomePod.

It remains to be seen what is the goal of the recruitment process, such because previous reports suggested that Apple is currently I don’t have a clear vision of what should be the digital assistant Siri. Unless Apple already has a clear vision, the recruitment of more engineers will not necessarily lead to improved Siri, but we assume that we will have to wait and see.



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