Apple HomePod represents only 4 percent of the market for loudspeakers smart

apple homepod

Smart speaker Apple HomePod is the company’s attempt to break into the market of smart speakers that are dominated by substantially all of Amazon and Google. In past years, has made Apple a huge success when it comes to breaking into new markets, but it seems that the market for smart speakers is a market can be struggling. Apple.

According to the latest statistics issued by the foundation Strategy Analytics specialized in market research, it seems that the smart speaker Apple HomePod represents only 4 percent of the sales of smart speakers in the United States. This is unlike other companies like Amazon that stands behind more than 50 percent of sales of smart speakers, while controlling the company Google on the rest of the sales. For example, all of the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot stands behind 44 percent of sales of smart speakers alone.

I tried Apple launch the Apple HomePod in the market, considering the speaker upscale to health, but based on statistics it seems that I don’t do a good job in the market. Not to mention that the tests and the different I found that the digital assistant Siri does not performs well compared to competitors. There are rumors indicating that Apple plans to issue cheaper version of the smart speaker Apple HomePod, but we didn’t see it move until now.

We’re not sure than you can buy the Apple TV could do to improve the market share, but it can be a cheaper version of the Apple device HomePod is the beginning.


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