Apple hope the unprecedented success of the iPhone 11

Far from record-breaking iPhone sales had a negative impact not only on Apple, whose revenues are down the block from the quarter, but also on its partners, their orders and forced to stand idle. But the prolonged decline may be a temporary phenomenon that will end with the release of new iPhone models this fall. Well, at least, is counting on Apple and Foxconn, whose leadership is waiting for the pre-release start build 2019 iPhone like a drowning man waiting for a lifeline.

According to Ai, Foxconn is preparing to regain lost positions in the past on orders for the iPhone during the third and fourth quarters of 2019. Obviously, the company’s management is aware that Apple is planning to place a large order, which presumably will be significantly higher than a year earlier.

What’s new in iPhone 11

It will be interesting to see how Apple intends to attract users to the new iPhone models. Practice has shown that the high price deters buyers, and not allowing sales to go up sharply. Hardly the situation will change a lot, so it is hoped that in Cupertino has prepared for us something that still will make millions of users around the world to abandon their old iPhone and the same to buy a new product.

Most likely, in 2019 the iPhone , Apple will focus on their camera. Despite the fact that the iPhone has always been considered the owners of high-quality photos of modules, call them camera phones in the background of Huawei P30 Pro and Google Pixel 3 was difficult. However, the additional camera with a viewing angle of 120 degree and maybe an advanced optical zoom will provide new products to place in the top ranking DxOMark, which in turn will lead to increased demand from consumers and Apple will return to growth of its revenue.

In addition, we should not forget about the upgrade planned for iPhone 2 XR. Conventionally available the flagship of the company will receive in addition to plug-in camera, and even an OLED display and probably increased the amount of RAM. With this bundle of hope Foxconn in record sales seem quite justified.

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