Apple in turn on the development of the service broadcast its own games, according to a new report

Apple Company

Add Apple to the list of companies working on services, broadcast games via the cloud. Says new report released recently that Apple is in talks with the developers of games on the service to broadcast games via the cloud. As you have probably heard, has confirmed that companies such as Microsoft already its intentions to launch such a service while other companies like Sony already have such a service currently operated by.

The report from Cheddar says that Apple is considering launching a service to broadcast games via the cloud. It is not clear at the moment what is the area that will be included by this service, and what are the games that will be offered, and the prices are going.

There is a possibility that lead Apple to abandon the service before launching it if you find it does not serve its purpose or not in line with its ambitions. The report adds that Apple held discussions with the developers for their games to run on the distribution and marketing of some games.

Not confirmed, Apple officially or implementation of anything at the moment, so it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection. However, we wouldn’t be surprised in case if you decide to Apple to move forward in its plans to finally launch this service. The company has investments in a large service section of over the past few years, this will be another logical step to move forward.

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