Apple include one of the architects of Tesla to the team working on Project Titan

Confirmed a new report today that Michael Schwekutsch one of the architects of the company Tesla, has joined recently the team working on Project Titan at Apple.

Apple hires Tesla VP for electric powertrains

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Started company Apple a while ago in the composition of the team to work on Project Titan, where usually Doug Field to work for Apple in 2018 after leaving the company in 2013, where he joined Bob Mansfield to work on the car, Apple electric.

And a new report revealed posted on the internet, that one of the engineers Tesla Michael Schwekutsch join a team working on a car Apple electric self-driving, where he majored Schwekutsch in the Tesla company in the section dealing with the electrical connections, and for his expertise in this area to watch the Apple.

The project raised the Apple to develop its own policy is a lot of controversy even now, where indicated some of the tensions that Apple developing an electric car in full, while the head of the mission to that Apple is working on self-driving car supported by the technique of artificial intelligence, or that the company is working only on the development of software car smart.

The choice of Apple لSchwekutsch to join the team working on Project Titan a new signal confirms plans for Apple to launch electric car already, in spite of reducing the number of staff working on this project, where it was demobilized number of 190 staff from the project during the financial period, except that Apple continues to develop it is released from your car until now.


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