Apple included the option to transfer part of the manufacturing outside of China

Sources revealed to the Press that Apple is considering the transfer between 15-30 percent of the quantities of its various organs to be manufactured and assembled outside of China.

The Shape of the Apple Business team for this task, also asked its partners in manufacturing, such as Foxconn and Pegatron, and Wistron to assess the options available to where will be their destination.

It seems clear at first glance that this decision comes within the trade war Chinese American, and of course wouldn’t be the United States is the point of manufacturing and assembly of Apple devices for the reasons of economic as well as rising costs.

Is scheduled for the end of the month to start applying the customs tariff of 25% on products from China that includes electronic products in particular, including phones and computers to mobile and tablet.

According to some suppliers to Apple TV there are other factors non-commercial war pay the company to look for another country to manufacture its products, those factors such as the decline of the birth rate, increase labor costs, and the risk of concentration of production in one country.

There are no States confirmed yet, but it will be in the South East Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, which has already produced the Apple in which the iPhone is relatively cheap and has plans to manufacture the iPhone leading and top categories.

With that line of Apple first is the partial transfer of production, but that process will not be quick and you need time at least a year and a half and even three years.

Recall that the activities of the manufacturing of Apple in China will create 5 million jobs, employing Apple directly in China 10 thousand employees working in 42 department store, therefore the withdrawal of Apple from China, even partially, will be big losses for millions.

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