Apple included the transfer of a quarter of its production capacity from China to this state

The company asked Apple to suppliers of the co assess the cost implications of the transfer of between 15 to 30% of its production capacity from China to Southeast Asia at a time when the restructuring of its supply chain, according to (Nikkei again review) Nikkei Asian Review today, Wednesday.

Stated magazine (Nikki are Review) citing multiple sources, that the request of Apple came as a result of trade dispute between China and the United States, but the decision to trade will not lead to a change in the company’s decision.

She said the council competent in the analysis of the affairs of Business, Money, economic news, political, comments and analysis for Asia: if Apple decided that the risks of relying heavily on manufacturing in China is extremely large; it is elevated.

According to the report, it had requested the Apple company assembling the iPhone the chairperson, including: (Foxconn) Foxconn, and(year Corp) Pegatron Corp, and(Western Corp.), Wistron Corp, is a company assembling computers (MacBook): (Quanta Computer) Quanta Computer, Inc. assembling of computers (iPad): (Compal Electronics) Compal Electronics, Inc. compiled-ear headphones (Air best) AirPods: (events Corp) Inventec Corp, to evaluate options outside of China.

Include countries that are being considered: Mexico, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The magazine said the Nikkei, citing sources asked to disclose the identity of its privacy debate: India and Vietnam are among the best candidates for smart phones.

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The company said, Foxconn in the past week: if you have enough capacity outside of China to meet the demand of Apple in the American market, if the company need to modify production lines, and in the wake of the threat to the U.S. President (Donald Trump) to impose more tariffs on Chinese goods worth 300 million dollars.

It is indicated that China is an important market for Apple, as well as being a major centre for the production of its devices. The report stated that the group includes more than 30 people from the study group had capital expenditures in the Apple negotiate production plans with suppliers and government on the monetary incentives that can be offered to persuade Apple to manufacture them.

Reported magazine Nicky that he did not set a deadline for the suppliers to finish the proposals for their business, adding that it will take at least 18 months to start production after site selection.


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