Apple increase the feature do not track ” Do Not Track ” browser Safari


It seems that the next version of the browser Safari will feature ” do not track | Do Not Track “. And the accompanying notes for version 12.1 of this browser is that it will remove the feature ” do not track “.

Will not affect the decision of Apple to remove this feature from the browser Safari are great your privacy online if you are using the browser Safari. There is an alternative for this feature, which was launched in the year 2017, it features Intelligent Tracking Prevention browser Safari relies on machine learning technology to capture the behavior of tracking ads and banned advertisers to follow the movements of the user via the internet during did they move from web site to another.

Reports have shown that many people do not know exactly what you’re doing. the feature ” do not track ” is present in other browsers also. What this feature exactly a signal is sent voluntarily to the website you are visiting to tell him that the user does not wish to be tracked.

Do not pick up websites, to follow this signal, so even if the feature was activated ” do not track“, and there is nothing to prevent the site from tracking you anyway. You can bet that there are a lot of sites that do this already through the avoid signal ” Do Not Track ” fully.


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