Apple increased the RAM some modifications iPad Pro 2018 to 6 GB

This year Apple decided to further distinguish between senior and Junior models of iPad Pro 2018 by analogy with branded laptops. As found by developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who has repeatedly shared interesting details about the upcoming product the “Apple” brand, the company decided to equip the new iPad Pro with a storage capacity of 1 TB increased by a third the amount of RAM. Now he is 6 GB, not 4 as before.

According to Troughton-Smith, information on the amount of RAM in the new iPad Pro has been detected by the analysis of the development environment Xcode. It contains several references to the fact that some iPad Pro fitted with 6 GB of RAM. More detailed analysis showed that the upgrade is valid only for older versions of the tablets and does not depend on the diagonal of their display, he said. Before Apple was equipped with an increased amount of RAM, only 12.9-inch model.

Performance iPad Pro 2018

OCTA core CPU A12X Bionic, which constitutes the hardware basis for the new iPad Pro, coupled with 6 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory make them the most breakthrough solutions in the tablet market. According to Phil Schiller, senior Vice President of worldwide product marketing, the iPad Pro 2018 more powerful than 92% of modern computers, providing incredible performance, comparable to professional and more expensive solutions.

iPad Pro 2018 is the most significant upgrade of the line professional tablets of Apple in the entire history of their existence. Received news full screen design, support for facial recognition as flagship iPhone models universal connector USB-C and Apple Pencil of the second generation. Updated the pen with the help of magnets attached to a side face of the tablet, facilitating its transportation and supply. Unlike last year’s model stylus new is charging wirelessly and the gestures.

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