Apple intends explicitly to technologies Qualcomm is the best in the market

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For a while, it looked as though the legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm will likely continue for many years, similar to the legal dispute which was between Apple and Samsung. However, surprised everyone when it announced both the Apple and Qualcomm in the past week that they had solved all disputes existing between them and it will provide Apple with the information 5G, a subsidiary of Qualcomm for the iPhone coming in the year 2020.

Now, thanks to a new report from the newspaper The Washington Post, it appears that the settlement of the Apple with Qualcomm was not a matter of if, but a matter of when because it seems as if Apple really needed to technologies, a subsidiary of Qualcomm. This is based on an internal memorandum has been submitted as part of the lawsuit was written by the deputy head of hardware division at Apple, Sir Jony Srouji. He was a part of this note says : ” from an engineering standpoint, they were the best. “

He also wrote The Warrior of the year 2009 in the other note that Qualcomm ” depend to a large extent has the strongest portfolio of patents basic on the standards of wireless. “ The exciting thing about this discovery is that in the public during the defense of herself in court, I tried Apple underestimated the value of technologies, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, said that ” no value“, but as we can see based on this note, maybe Apple needs to Qualcomm more than you need Qualcomm to Apple.

However, it seems that both companies have decided to leave the differences that was between them and looking to a better future because in it the interest of both companies for the general consumer also, this resolution will allow for Apple to bring the iPhone compatible with the 5G to market by 2020, as specified. However, we have heard that Apple is considering the idea of the development of modem the 5G, although we imagine that it may take several years, so until then, will Apple use Solutions, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, were these recent Apple company to improve their profits.

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